Goldgenie already has a 24-karat gold-plated Samsung Galaxy S7 on offer

Nothing speaks status more than a golden phone right? If you share this opinion then you have surely heard of Goldgenie – the company enjoying the plentiful financial support of millionaire James Caan. Now, as Samsung is preparing for the first wave of mass shipments of its latest flagship duo, Goldgenie has already gotten its hands on the devices and is offering them with a golden exterior.

Currently, there is only one modification of the S7 family on offer, complete with a sparkly golden dust effect on its curved back. The 24-karat gold also extends to the frame and buttons, even the camera and flash frames, leaving only the front it its original black color and Gorilla Glass finish for protection. The design is quite reminiscent of the Galaxy S6 edge Stardust model, also currently on offer at Goldgenie, but we hardly think it’s wise to splurge for a full gold treatment and not get the latest tech at hand.