Gmail for Android getting ‘snooze’ and ‘mark unread from here’ features

Google just gave Gmail’s web UI a major revamp. And now, it’s coming to light that the service’s Android app has also received a couple of new features: snooze and mark unread from here.

Ability to snooze emails has been one of the highlights of the Inbox by Gmail app, and it’s good that the company has now brought over the functionality to the standard Gmail app as well.

For those who aren’t aware, using Snooze, you can hide an email until a specific time in future (see screenshot below).

Then comes the Mark unread from here feature, which lets you mark an email thread as partially unread. The feature is helpful when you’re going through a long email thread, but don’t have enough time to read all of it.

So tapping this option (available in the overflow menu for individual email messages) brings you out of the thread normally, but when you reopen the same email thread, you’ll directly see the email you couldn’t read last time, along with other unread emails that follow.

These features are currently rolling out, so it may take time before you start seeing them in your app.

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