Gboard for iOS now integrates YouTube and Google Maps, also lets you draw

Google has updated its Gboard keyboard app for iOS today, adding three big features. First off, the keyboard is now integrated with Google Maps and YouTube. So after you tap the G icon you can choose from three actions – perform a web search like before, look up a video on YouTube, or share your location or the address of a specific place through Maps.

All of the above is done in the keyboard, without opening an additional app and needing to switch back and forth. When you’re messaging your friends and remember a cool video, all you need to do in order to quickly share it with them is look it up inside Gboard.

In a similar fashion, making plans about where to meet up is now much easier thanks to the Maps integration straight inside the keyboard. Last but not least, Gboard now also lets you draw (or doodle) if that’s what you consider to be the best method of communication for a specific idea (or person). This Ink feature can be accessed by tapping the emoji button, then the pen icon.

Three new languages are supported from this point on too: Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi. The new version of the app (1.8), with all these additions, is already available in the app store.

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