Galaxy S9 Mini coming in March alongside S9 and S9+, rumor claims

While rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S8 mini never panned out, perhaps next year’s going to be the lucky one for people looking for a diminutive flagship smartphone that isn’t made by Sony. A new report coming from some unnamed sources claims that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S9 Mini, a handset that should debut alongside the S9 and S9+ in March 2018.

The S9 Mini will allegedly have a screen under 5″ in size, with curved edges. There’s no information about what aspect ratio it will have, but if Samsung sticks with 18.5:9 (as seen in the S8, S8+, and Note8) then this will indeed be a tiny device.

No spec details have been uncovered yet, but the rumored launch happening at the same time as the S9 and S9+ strongly implies that the S9 Mini might have top of the line innards too, like those phones. Samsung’s made some Mini branded handsets in the past, but those were only mid-rangers with a passing resemblance to the flagships. Hopefully this time around there will be a change in strategy.