Galaxy S7 could help you use Chromecast on hotel Wi-Fi with web-based login

You know this has happened to you before: You are going on a trip which involves staying overnight in a hotel so when you pack you are thinking to yourself: I should pack my Chromecast too! So you roll the USB cable up with your Chromecast and stuff it into a suitcase while you think about what a genius you are.

Next, you get to your hotel room, hopefully it has a TV with HDMI ports. Then you plug your Chromecast in and power it up, only to realize that you cannot use it because in order to use your hotels Wi-Fi, you need to use a web-based login page to gain access to the internet.

You are like Daaaamnnnn, I cant use my Chromecast. UGH! Maybe I can tether to my phone. But if you dont have unlimited data, you might hate yourself.

But as it turns out, with the Galaxy S7, (In theory, as I havent tried this myself) youd be able to log into the web-based hotel Wi-Fiwith your phone, accept the terms and blah blah blah (now heres where it gets interesting). Theres a feature on the Galaxy S7 (and edge) called Wi-Fi sharing. It allows your phone to act as a Wi-Fi repeater to retransmit the signal of another Wi-Fi network.

All you have to do is the following:

Log into hotel Wi-Fi using phone
Turn on Wi-Fi tethering
Factory reset your Chromecast with the app
Set up Chromecast with phones hotspot
Mooch off hotel Wi-Fi

To turn the Wi-Fi sharing feature off, you can go to Settings >> Mobile hotspot and tethering >> and tap on the MORE tab.

Now, I dont have an S7 unit myself, so I cannot confirm if a secondary device is needed to control the Chromecast or if you can use the S7 to control the Chromecast directly. If you have an S7 and would like to try this out, let us know in the comments if you are able to tether your Chromecast to your S7 AND control the Chromecast WITH your S7.

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