Galaxy Note7 update limiting charge to 60% is on its way to Europe

Many people still hold onto their Galaxy Note7 units, despite Samsung having issued a second recall of the smartphone and discontinuing it altogether. These would-be arsonists will soon have to dodge a software update if they want to keep using the entire capacity of the handset’s fire-catching battery, at least in Europe.

Following a similar move it made in South Korea back in September, Samsung will issue a software update for Note7 units in Europe that will cap the battery charge to 60%. So once this is installed, no matter what you do you won’t be able to convince your Note7 to charge its battery past 60%. That is sure to severely limit the phone’s endurance on a charge, so clearly Samsung is hoping this will convince everyone to turn in the Note7.

The update in question will begin rolling out in Europe on October 31, which is next Monday. Samsung says two thirds of Note7 units sold in Europe have been returned up until this point, which means a third of them are still out there, just waiting for the perfect moment to spontaneously combust. Seriously though, if you still have your Note7, go return it. You’ll get your money back or another Samsung smartphone if that’s what you want (and if there’s a price difference it will be refunded of course).