From now on all Chromebooks will have the Google Play Store

The merger of Android and Chrome OS has long been discussed, but now were seeing the first real step towards that goal – Google announced that any and all Chromebooks sold from 2017 onwards will supports the Google Play Store.

That means you can just grab any new Chromebook and enjoy your favorite Androids apps – productivity apps or (lets be honest) Hearthstone, Minecraft, Clash of Titans and other games. Google even takes things further and has partners working on devices specially designed for Play.

Sure, some current models already do, but not all of them and getting the right one required some research. The following devices will be supported with version M53 on the developer channel: ASUS Chromebook Flip, the Acer Chromebook R 11 and the latest Chromebook Pixel. Heres the full list (only those three for now, but will be updated as new devices gain access to the Android app store).

Its not clear if Chromeboxes and Chrome-on-a-stick devices will also run Android (those will make great HTPCs with Kodi for Android).

Even if its just laptops, according to IDC Chrome OS is the second most popular PC operating system in the US – ahead of Mac OS and (obviously) behind Windows. With the explosion of available apps and games for the platform, Apple may be sweating (not to mention the displease caused by the new MacBook Pro).

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