Fortnite coming to Android this summer

Epic Games has announced that the highly-awaited Android version of Fortnite, which released on iOS back in March, will be coming some time this summer (so from June to August). That was pretty much the extent of the information available regarding the Android version.

Epic also announced some additions and improvements that will be coming to the mobile platform. Voice chat will soon be coming so users can chat with their team mates. You will be able to mute yourself or anybody else and the voice chat will work across platforms. A battery saver mode will be added that reduces graphics settings for lowered power consumption. A stats tracking feature is also coming for the mobile version. A customizable HUD was recently added to the iOS version of the game.

The game will be getting an improved autorun feature along with reduced installation and update sizes, improved graphical performance, and improved stability.

Expect to see the improvements in subsequent updates.