Finally, Chrome mobile defaults to tab switching within the app

Google first introduced this feature with the launch of Lollipop on the Motorola Nexus 6 to show off the OS new ability to show individual app processes among other apps in the multitasking window. Although, putting Chromes tabs in the app switcher makes it so easy to lose a past tab and makes it impossible to clear all Chrome tabs.

As of version 49, the Chrome app no longer defaults this option of putting every single Chrome tab in the app switcher. Most people may not care about this, but this is more for people who are constantly getting new phones or always wiping their phones for a new custom ROM.

I personally did not like this feature and always disabled it upon setting up Chrome for the first time. Im glad Google decided to change its mind about the option and Im sure more people will appreciate it, although, many may not even notice the change.

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