FCC: Samsung Galaxy S10 will support 9W reverse wireless charging, Wi-Fi 6

The FCC has confirmed that the Galaxy S10 trio will support reverse wireless charging and not just that, it even listed the max power 9W.

If that doesnt sound impressive, allow us to put it into perspective. Fast wireless charger for the current Galaxy S9 also provides 9W. Huawei doesnt officially say how fast its implementation of reverse wireless charging is, but independent testing shows its under 5W.

Charging accessories wirelessly with your phone is a great feature, but somewhat inconvenient as you have to keep them together (and steady too, otherwise they would go out of alignment). At least at 9W maximum, the charging process shouldnt take too long. You can even top up other phones, if youre in the mood to share.

As for charging the Galaxy S10 itself, Samsung is readying a 15W wireless charger (which also passed through the FCC). It looks like the wired charger will also work at 15W.

If youre wondering how much battery you have to work with, Brazils Anatel has the answer. The Galaxy S10+ will pack a 4,000mAh battery, the vanilla S10 a 3,300mAh one and the smallest S10 will have 3,000mAh in its tank.

Galaxy S10 wireless capabilities (click for a better look)

Galaxy S10 wireless capabilities (click for a better look)

Moving on, the Galaxy S10 gang will be among the very first phones to support the new Wi-Fi 6 standard (802.11ax). They will also keep the MST feature of Samsung Pay as well as ANT+, VoLTE, VoWiFi and other goodies. Google Duo will come pre-installed as the default VoIP app.

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