Business speed test now displays latency and upload speeds

Back in 2016, Netflix launched its own connection speed test website,, so that it could properly help diagnose customers who were experiencing slow-downs. Going to seemed like the easiest way to check your connection speed and Netflixs vast bandwidth could support it without breaking a sweat.

Netflix says has performed more than 500 million speed tests between the site and its iOS and Android apps and that its usage has doubled over the past 7 months.

Weve heard from some users that they crave more information about their internet connection. Thats why today, were adding the ability to measure connection latency and upload speed.

As soon as you open the FAST app or the website, a download test is performed. Once thats done, tap Show more info and itll initiate a second test that offers unloaded and loaded latencies, and upload speeds. It also shows the IP address, and the ISPs name. It also shows you how much data it took to perform your tests.

Were adding these new measurements to so that consumers will have a more comprehensive view of their internet connection speed at any given time.

With these new features. This makes a great alternative to Ooklas Speed test app considering there absolutely no ads here. Ooklas does shows some ads, but they are just banner ads and not terribly invasive.