Facebook Live streams can be scheduled in advance, but only if you’re a celeb

Facebook’s live streaming platform is pretty successful, and the social network seems to be tirelessly working towards making it even more so. After having added support for 24-hour continuous streams, Facebook Live is now going to give a lucky few the ability to pre-schedule their broadcasts.

Not only that, but when you do schedule a Live stream for the future, you also announce it to your followers, hopefully making more of them tune in when the time comes. If you’re a pleb, however, you’re not getting this.

For now, the feature is limited to verified pages – so basically celebrities with that check mark next to their names, or well known brands, the likes. Still, there’s some hope for mere mortals having access to this functionality in the future, since Facebook Live itself initially was limited to celebs too, then some months later rolling out to everyone. So keep your fingers crossed. Just kidding – Facebook says it will be “rolling out scheduling to all Pages on Facebook in the weeks to come”. Nothing about personal accounts, though.

If you just want to see a scheduled live video from a celeb, then when you get the post announcing it you’ll have the option of receiving “a one-time reminder notification” alerting you before the broadcast begins. You can then jump into a pre-broadcast “lobby” before the video starts, where you can connect and interact with other poor non-celeb souls like yourself. The “lobby” becomes active precisely three minutes before the stream starts.

The scheduling feature works up to one week in advance, and it will be available for celebs this Thursday.