Essential Phone launches Amazon-exclusive Halo Gray alongside three new colors

When the Essential PH-1 launched, it was available in Black Moon and Pure White. Yesterday, Essential announced three new color options for its PH-1 including Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black, all of which are limited editions. This a nice contrast to all the bright red color coats weve seen pop up over the past few months.

Today, Essential launched a new Amazon-exclusive surprise color option called Halo Gray. It features a matter gray ceramic back with a matte silver titanium frame. Additionally, the Amazon model will come with the Alexa App pre-installed. This color will also be a limited edition like the other new paint combinations, so theyll only be available until the company runs out.

Three new colors announced include Ocean Depths (aqua teal matte back with bright gold frame), Stellar Gray (soft matte gray ceramic with black frame), and Copper Black (high gloss black with copper accented frame). Ocean Depth is now available while Stellar Gray will be released on February 20 and Copper Black on February 22.

Copper Black, Stellar Gray, and Ocean Depths

Our team of designers and engineers spent months developing custom ceramic colors Essential

Making colored ceramic is a complex process that makes it difficult to keep consistency. For this reason, the company only made small batches of the new-colored ceramics.

Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black
Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black
Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black

Ocean Depths, Stellar Gray, and Copper Black

Essential has some pretty attractive and trendy color combinations on its hands. If Essential made it a thing to release different color limited editions throughout the lifecycle of its PH-1, it might be an interesting way to entice buyers into jumping onto a limited color that catches their eyes. It would definitely be a way to keep a flagship phone relevant and fresh throughout its lifecycle.

Halo Gray on Amazon | Essential Blog post