Essential PH-1 makes it through the FCC, might be water resistant

We havent heard anything from Essential since the company announced the PH-1 and then took pre-sale reservations. Andy Rubin has previously said that it was not going to ask for reservations if the phone wasnt going to be available soon thereafter. Well it looks like Essential is right on track because today, the companys PH-1 has gone through FCC certification.

Source: FCC

The FCC is what puts a stamp of approval on all smartphones and communication devices that are sold in the US. The Essential PH-1 is the name of the model while A11 is the variant code. The FCC documents also reaffirm that the Essential phone will be compatible with all major US carriers including Sprint and Verizon, which require CDMA radios.

Something’s cooking 😉 Stay tuned…

Essential (@essential) June 25, 2017

In other news, the Essential PH-1 may actually carry some sort of water resistance as well. On Twitter, Essential has seen many curious fans ask of the phones whereabouts, as well as one Twitter follower who asked about water resistance to which Essential replied: were finalizing the testing to validate our official IP rating.

Hi there Ahmed, we’re finalizing the testing to validate our official IP rating.

Essential (@essential) June 26, 2017

While we still dont know what kind of water resistance the PH-1 will have, we have some kind of hint that it may at least be IP5X, which would protect the phone from light sprays of water such as if you were to get caught on the phone with sudden rain. Still, this doesn’t confirm whether the PH1 will be submersible at all.

Anyway, were still waiting for the Essential PH-1 to drop any day now. Are any of you still interested in the Essential PH-1 or have you jumped on the OnePlus 5? Then again, if youre a Sprint customer, the OnePlus 5 isnt even an option since it doesnt support CDMA networks.

Source: FCC | Via