Entry-level Surface Pro 4 without pen becomes available for $100 less

Want a Surface Pro 4 but aren’t interested in one of its main selling points, the pen? Well, good news then. If you don’t mind grabbing the entry-level model, that is. The Microsoft online store in the US is now offering the Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core m3, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage in a configuration sans pen.

This is priced at $799, which is exactly $100 less than the exact same device but with a pen bundled in the package. Unfortunately only this specific configuration has a “no pen” option, at least for now. If you want any of the more expensive SKUs, the pen still comes along.

Oddly enough, buying the Surface pen by itself will only cost you $59.99, so you can actually get an entry-level Surface Pro 4 and pen for just $858.99, saving $40.01, by adding them to your cart separately and not going for the $899 bundle.

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