Energizer at MWC: 26 phones, including foldable phone and phone with 18,000mAh battery

Energizer wants to electrify the MWC with a whopping 26 new models spread across four different product lines. One phone will grab peoples attention with 18,000mAh battery, the largest ever on a phone.

Read it again 18 thousand milliamp hours. Well believe it when we see it, however, as the Energizer Power Max P16K Pro was announced last year and subsequently canceled (as you can tell by its name, it was supposed to have a 16,000mAh battery). The Power Max line is built around large batteries, 4,000mAh and above (way above for some models).

Energizer Ultimate is a new line that will launch with six premium smartphones. One of them will be a foldable phone and there will be pop-up cameras too. The three pillars of the Ultimate line are performance, innovation and elegant design.

There are two more lines, Energy (featurephones) and Hardcase (rugged featurephones), which will likely help pad out the number of new models to 26.

Those are lofty goals by Avenir Telecom, the company manufacturing the Energizer-branded phones. We’ll see how it pans out next month and will update you with our first hand impressions.