EE teases new Samsung Galaxy, promises “something big is coming”

British carrier EE is teasing Something BIG on its coming soon page a Samsung Galaxy. It doesnt say which one, but there are only two things it could be.

The foldable Samsung Galaxy F was rumored to be exclusive to EE and with a 7.3 screen (when unfolded), its certainly big. The phone was allegedly shown off at CES behind closed doors. Samsung wants to start selling it during the first half of this year.

The other option is the Galaxy S10. The core trio will have screens ranging from 5.8 to 6.4, then theres the 5G model. EE already has dibs on OnePlus 5G phone, so the carrier could plan a star-studded launch of its 5G network.

The EE page claims that the new Samsung Galaxy “is about to change your world”, so what seems more world-changing – 5G connectivity or a punch hole selfie camera?