DxOmark tests Pocophone F1, its camera matches the iPhone 8

The Pocophone F1 isnt afraid to challenge flagships and the latest battle is over camera quality. Based on the DxOMark score, its as good as the iPhone 8 a phone that costs twice as much (at least).

The still camera delivers pleasing colors and accurate exposure along with a fast and accurate autofocus. It got a score of 91. That could have been higher if the second camera did better bokeh rendering was poor and it offers no assistance in the dark or when zooming. And the main camera does need help in the dark, despite the excellent flash.

The video camera once again nails it when it comes to autofocus and colors, stabilization got praise too. Low-light shooting and dynamic range, however, were no match for the premium phones.

Unfortunately, DxOMark hasnt tested the 20MP selfie camera, at least not yet.

For comparison, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and the original Pixel scored a 90, the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are got 84.