Discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note7 with Oreo on board gets Wi-Fi certification. Wait, what?

In an unusual development, the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphone, which was discontinued shortly after its launch due to its self-immolating tendencies, has appeared on the website of Wi-Fi Alliance running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Now since practically no one should be officially using the Note7, it’s hard to guess why Samsung went for the Wi-Fi certification of the Oreo update on the device.

Oreo-powered Samsung Galaxy Note FE has also received Wi-Fi certification (see image below), so it’s possible that Wi-Fi Alliance requires all variants of a device to be certified even if one of them has been officially discontinued.

Anyway, we don’t expect the Note7 Oreo update to roll out ever. However, Wi-Fi certification is good news for Galaxy Note FE users, which should expect the update roll out to begin sooner than later.

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