Digitimes: iPhone X successor to be the cheapest model, 6.45″ OLED iPhone on top

Senior analyst at Digitimes Research Luke Lin has been keeping an eye on Apples supply chain and believes he has the floor plan of the next generation iPhones. He divides them by screen size and type, but memory capacities also play a role.

The successor to the iPhone X will stick to an OLED display of just about the same size 5.85. However, Apple managed to get the bill of materials down 10% from the $412.75 of the current model. The OLED display accounted for a big chunk of that.

Which is why there was a 5.85 LCD model in development, but that was paused for the Lunar New Year holidays and may be dropped entirely. It seems that Apple managed to talk the price down enough to stick with OLED, even though it had to reduce its orders from Samsung Display, which left it in a tricky negotiating position.

Digitimes: iPhone X successor to be the cheapest model, 6.45" OLED iPhone on top

While it takes after the iPhone X, Lin believes the 5.85 OLED model will be Apples cheapest offering with a 6.1 LCD iPhone sitting in the middle. This is based on larger RAM capacities in recent prototypes compared to the OLED model.

The top of the line will use an OLED display too, quite a large one 6.45. Lin doesnt say anything about notches. Presumably, Apple will keep using different camera setups to differentiate iPhone models beyond the screen and memory, but the exact selection is a question mark at the moment.