Deusche Telekom reportedly plans to merge T-Mobile and Sprint

Earlier today, German business newspaper Handelsblatt reported that Deutsche Telekom is currently preparing a plan for a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile US.

This is not the first that weve heard of T-Mobile possibly merging with another US carrier, both AT&T and Sprint have been reportedly trying to merge with T-Mobile at some point, though the first time we heard rumors of a merger with Sprint and T-Mobile, John Legere denied the claims.

The report also details that T-Mobile would be taking control of Sprint as to keep T-Mobiles current aggressive/competitive marketing strategy that has proven success for T-Mobile.

If the merger does go through, that would mean less competition for the US largest carriers. Though, its hard to say how much T-Mobiles competitive tactics change (if at all) in a future with Magenta in charge of a possibly merged SprinT-Mobile.

Seeing as this is the third round of merger rumors weve heard about T-Mobile and Sprint merging, it could take much longer than anticipated, or maybe the third time really is the charm.

Are you either a Sprint or T-Mobile subscriber? Do you think it’s a good idea for the carriers to merge?

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