Detailed Pixel smartphone camera review by DxO

When Google announced the Pixel phone yesterday, it boasted an unprecedented DxOMark score of 89 overall. However, DxO Labs’ full review wasn’t immediately available, so we had no idea how the phone scored in the various disciplines. Well, we do now.

In the field of still images, the Pixel (and consequently, the Pixel XL) got high praise for accurate exposure, wide dynamic range, white balance and detail preservation in all conditions – pretty much top scores across the board. Where the reviewers did find some fault was focusing (‘slight autofocus irregularities’) and the occasional color shading in low light.

Video is mostly very good as well. The stabilization (digital, not optical) fared well in all conditions, autofocus was deemed fast and accurate and exposure and white balance got high marks as well. In the video cons section DxO Labs list motion blur in low light walking scenes, judder and chroma noise – all of these unpleasant effects prefaced with the word ‘slight’.