Desktop Bridge apps now available on the Windows Store

Earlier this year, Microsoft had announced the Desktop Bridge that would allow developers to migrate their desktop apps to the new Modern UI and make them available on the Windows Store. The company has announced that these apps are now being made available for download on all Windows 10 devices, including computers, smartphones, and Xbox One.

The first apps to be made available include Evernote, Arduino IDE, doubleTwist, PhotoScape, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro, Virtual Robotics Kit, Relab, SQL Pro, Voya Media, Predicted Desire and korAccount. More apps will be coming in future.

Desktop Bridge is what allows legacy Windows app developers to modify their apps for the new Windows 10 platform. With some changes, they can alter the design so it fits better with the design of the Modern UI and also integrate functionality such as Cortana, Live Tiles, and Action Center. Going forward, it makes sense for developers to modify their apps for the Windows Store to enable wider adoption.