Deal: Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $380 on eBay

BlackBerry was in a hole that it kept digging deeper and deeper for itself. Finally the BlackBerry Priv was its final hope. BlackBerry found it harder and harder to stay relevant in a market oversaturated with Apple and Android smartphones and lack of app support drove customers away from the platform. So BlackBerry (formerly known as Research In Motion) decided if you cant beat em, join em. And thats just what it did with the BlackBerry Priv, the first BlackBerry phone to run Googles Android operating system.

The BlackBerry Priv received a lot of attention for putting Android on its phone, but the initial price point set at launch was set a bit too high for its own good. Its been about half a year since the release of the BlackBerry Priv and currently it is going for sale on eBay for $380.

This listing is for a 32GB AT&T unlocked variant so you may use it on T-Mobile or any other GSM network worldwide (assuming the correct bands are compatible, of course). The BlackBerry Priv sports a 5.4 inch AMOLED QHD screen powered by a Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM, an 18MP rear camera, and a 3,410mAh battery. And of course, you also get BlackBerrys legendary physical keyboard which can be accessed by just sliding the screen up. The BlackBerry Priv received the Marshmallow update not very long ago as well.

We arent sure how long this will last but go and get one before they run out!

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