Deal: Rogers offering free Moto InstaShare projector with pre-order of Moto Z

The Moto InstaShare projector isnt exactly the cheapest Moto Mod accessory. In the US it runs for $299, while in Canada it retails for 399 CAD. Regardless of where you get it, its still expensive considering it only works with the one smartphone.

If you already find yourself in the market for a Moto Z from Rogers, youll be happy to know that if you pre-order a Moto Z from Rogers, you will be eligible to receive a free Moto InstaShare Projector.

The projector Moto Mod snaps onto the back and adds 11mm to the total thickness of your Moto Z, Z Force (US Only) or Z Play, and it can display anything the phone displays by throwing up to a 70 screen onto any wall or ceiling. Its got automatic keystone and brightness adjustment, and it focuses with a little wheel next to the LED bulb. It has an 1,100 mAh battery which offers up to one hour of projection time until the Moto Zs internal battery kicks in.

While there is some word that the Moto Z Play will also be coming to Rogers, It doesnt look like you can get the InstaShare Projector for free with it. The terms of the offer say Available with online reservation and purchase of a Moto Z smartphone with activation of a 2-yr Share Everything plan. Theres a small chance that Moto Z smartphone also includes the Moto Z Play, but don’t take our word for it.

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