Deal: Pre-order Galaxy S8 and get Gear VR or $150 gift card for free

Members of Sams Club can pre-order the latest flagship Galaxy S8 and get two sweet deals – either a Gear VR with Controller if the order is placed online before April 12 or receive a $150 gift card for orders paid between April 21 and April 30. Or if you want to have two Galaxy S8 devices, you can always get both.

Samsung Gear VR with Controller
Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Getting Samsungs VR headset & controller can happen if you order on Sams Club website before the weekend of Easter and then you have to submit your receipt by May 14. Then in 6-8 weeks, Samsung will ship you the Gear VR. The deal also includes bonus Oculus content.

If you miss this one, on April 21 another Bonus offer starts – members of Sams Club get $150 gift card for free when the device picked up and activated in the dates mentioned above. If you are new to the warehouse retailer, you better do this in the first three days since there are no activation fees.

The deal published on the retailers website is available for members of Sams Club. It is available for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint customers, but sadly, not T-Mobile.