Deal: HTC 10 goes for 290 on eBay Germany

The HTC 10 went into the old but gold category after the U11 came out. Its still a capable smartphone with a great camera and its Snapdragon 820 chipset still has plenty of oomph. Plus, its last call for those wanting a metal HTC, the company switched away to glass for the U-series.

Theres an offer on eBay for 290 while HTCs official site sells it at 480. Theres a catch, of course. The item condition is new, unused, but this looks like an open box unit. Also, be warned some people have complained that they have received demo units from B-Ware deals (like this one).

HTC 10

HTC 10

This HTC 10 (32GB, Carbon Grey) is in Germany, but the seller will ship to much of Europe (notable exceptions are the British isles and Eastern Europe). Over 160 people already bought one at the time of writing this.