Deal: get a refurbished Amazon Echo for $80 – new Echo speaker on the way?

Amazons voice assistant, Alexa, has become increasingly popular, particularly when the entry level of the always-listening device dropped to $50 with the launch of the second generation Echo Dot last year.

If youve been happy with the miniaturized version and are ready to add a full-sized one for its room-filling speakers, now is a great time to purchase an Amazon Echo.

Amazon is selling a Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo in black or white for $80, which is a pretty steep discount considering that a brand-new one costs $180 and this Refurbished one usually goes for $145. Amazon usually never offers such heavy discounts on its own products unless its Prime day or Black Friday, so it leads us to speculate.

It could be that Amazon is trying to clear its stock of the original Amazon Echo Speaker in anticipation of an updated version of the original Amazon Speaker, which launched back in June of 2015. The device is two years old and due for a refresh. This is only speculation.

In the past year, Amazon has announced two new Echo devices: the Echo Show and the Echo Look. Though, neither of these are really meant to replace the sleek cylindrical design of the original Amazon Echo.