Deal: Get a Galaxy Note8 for just $20 per month at Sprint, or wait for T-Mobile’s BOGO offer

If you want to pre-order a Samsung Galaxy Note8 in the US, but want to pay as little as possible for it (and you haven’t owned one of those ill-fated Note7 units last year), then Sprint has a very good deal for you. If you use the carrier’s Flex Lease scheme and switch to Sprint or add a line you will only pay $20 per month for the phone (after $20 bill credits that start within two invoices).

This isn’t an installment plan, keep in mind, it’s a lease. You can keep paying $20 per month for 18 months, but after that you need to decide what to do: make the device yours – which requires paying off the remaining balance, or switch to leasing another model – in which case you need to turn the Note8 in.

Because this is a Samsung, there’s a third option too. With Sprint’s Galaxy Forever program, you can switch to a Galaxy S9 or Note9 after 12 months of having the Note8 on that lease. You’ll be required to turn in the phablet in good working order, but you won’t pay anything else – you just start leasing the next-gen device of your choice.

If none of that entices you, then perhaps it’s best to wait until September 1, since that’s when T-Mobile will apparently launch a Buy One, Get One free deal for the Galaxy Note8. This hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s been revealed through a leak. Here’s how it will allegedly work.

You buy a Note8 on the carrier’s equipment installment plan (EIP) and then add a line with a second Note8 (or an S8 or an S8+) also on EIP. Then you go to T-Mobile’s Promotions Center and enter the special code 17SAMN8BOGO. After this, within a few weeks you will receive a prepaid MasterCard that will cover the cost of your second handset.

Interestingly, it’s said that you will be able to take advantage of this deal even if you’ve already pre-ordered a Note8 from the magenta carrier, as long as you’ve used EIP for that.

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