Deal: Essential PH-1 is now $329 with a bunch of accessories

When the Essential PH-1 launched, it went for a premium but it went down steadily since. Today’s Cyber Monday lowered the price even further and the company asks just $329. And that includes a few extra accessories.

Cyber Monday (starts 9am PST): Get the Essential Bundle for $329. Includes Essential Phone, 360 Camera, protective camera case, and Earphones|HD.

Plus, 10% off accessories all week! Exclusions apply.

Essential (@essential) November 26, 2018

You get the 360 Camera with the protective case and Earphones|HD. That’s actually a pretty sweet deal because when you consider that you are getting more powerful hardware than most $300 phones and then all the extras are just there to sweeten things up. On top of that, you get 10% off of accessories for the whole week