Deal: Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note8 drops to $789.99 unlocked

If you’re in the US and crave a Galaxy Note8 but don’t want to pay upwards of $900 for an unlocked unit, here’s a deal for you. A top-rated eBay seller with 99.5% positive feedback is offering you the opportunity to buy the international dual-SIM variant of the phone for less – much less, in fact.

The SM-N950FD iteration of the Note8 can be yours for just $789.99 at the moment, and you can pick from gold, black, gray, and pink color versions. Only the blue one is out of stock. We’ve seen the same handset going for $819.99 last month, but now you can save an additional $30 compared to that price.

Before you buy, it would be wise to compare the network bands the phone supports with your carrier’s, to make sure that you won’t encounter any hiccups. The device does not come with a region lock so you’ll be able to activate it anywhere in the world. Note that the N950FD does not support CDMA-based networks such as Verizon and Sprint in the US.

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