Daydream VR will reportedly cost $79, to be revealed alongside Pixel phones

We are just over 12 hours away from Googles major announcement where all will be unveiled. The highly-anticipated HTC-made Pixel phones will be the stars of the event, however, Google will also reveal a number of other products including a new Chromecast Ultra, Google Home Assistant, Googles Wi-Fi Router, and now Daydream VR will make its way to the stage.

Daydream is Googles VR platform that is announced at the Google I/O stage this summer. Variety reports that Google will be launching the Daydream VR headset, which will be Google-branded and manufactured by HTC as well. The Daydream headset will work much like other VR accessories for smartphones: A smartphones display, of which Daydream must be compatible, would be inserted into the headset.

Rather than having controls on the headset, it looks like Google is bundling the Daydream headset with a white remote which has a round touchpad and two buttons on it. We hope theres some kind of slot or magnet that can keep the remote together with the headset when not in use.

The price-point of $79 puts is just under the other popular VR headset that Samsung offered starting with the Galaxy Note 4. Currently, the new Samsung Gear VR (which comes compatible with USB-C on the Note7) runs at Best Buy for $99. But its worth noting the previous-gen Gear VR which works with all flagship Samsung phones since the Galaxy S6 is on sale right now for $70.

Googles event takes place tomorrow, October 4, at 9AM PST, or 12PM EST, where all will be revealed

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