College football fans troll Apple

Recently a bug was discovered that Apple addressed in the latest iOS 11 update. When users had enabled autocorrect, the feature changed the letter i to a weird A[?] combination.

Still, fans of the college football team Ohio State Buckeyes were quick enough to feature the issue with a choreography of cardboards that depicted the exact same sign combo instead of the letter i in Ohio.

College football fans troll Apple

Buckeyes fans are known to chant O-H-I-O with every side of the stadium getting one letter. A block of fans though decided to show the letter A followed by a question mark in a box during the Saturday game against MSU. The mockery got some laughs on the stadium and across social media.

The joke was also seen on the other end of the country where Notre Dame faced the University of Miami and one fan showed a sign saying A[?] hate Notre Dame.

Apple may have fixed the issue, but only time will tell if the meme will stay.

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