Chrome OS spotted running on an Acer tablet in the wild

Google’s Chrome OS has successfully managed to carve our a sizeable market chunk for itself, primarily in the education field. Now, as the unique OS is officially enjoying growing Android app support and on its way to a new Android-inspired, touch-friendly UI update, it appears to be expanding on to tablets as well.

An intriguing new photo of an unannounced Acer tablet, running Chrome OS was briefly posted online by Alister Payne – an attendee at the BETT education expo in London. Shortly after, his Twitter post was taken down, likely on Acer’s request, but the original text has been recovered:

Grade 1, 2, 3 look what’s coming your way Not official released but a ChromeOS tablet @chromeunboxed #BETT2018 @LadyWesner @cloud_ed

It seems pretty clear that Alister got some hints regarding the purpose of the tablet – likely only the first of many headed towards classrooms. It makes perfect sense as well. Up until now, Google has mostly focused its Chrome OS efforts on inexpensive laptop-style devices, with all the necessary input methods for productivity. While there have been some 2-in-1 options in the past, but now that Chrome OS is closer to Android than ever, the opportune time seems to have arrived to officially expand to tablets.