Chrome OS is getting a touch-friendly makeover

Google’s Chrome OS has traditionally been installed on low-end laptops, but recently more and more devices running it sport touchscreens. Thus you’d expect the company developing the operating system to adapt its user interface to this new reality – and you’d be right about that, in fact.

It turns out that Google has started testing a touch-friendly iteration of the Chrome OS launcher. You only get access to this if you run the Canary version of Chrome OS, which is the most unstable and prone to bugs and crashes. Even if you’re on Canary, you need to enable the new UI through a flag, so clearly it’s very early days for this new design.

That said, if you are the experimenting type and would like to try it out, the instructions are at the Source link below. It’s probably safest not to attempt this on your main machine, though, keep that in mind.