Check out these Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s camera samples and gestures demo

During the first day we spent with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, we focused on introductions and a hardware overview. Weve had a bit more time with it now and we want to share our thoughts on the updated UI (and its gestures) along with camera, including testdriving the HDR mode.

As you may have heard, Xiaomi is on a path to give you as much screen real estate as it can and the way to do it doesnt include a notch. Instead, the company slimmed the bezels as far as they would go and even removed the familiar Android navigation buttons.

These buttons have been replaced with gestures swipe right for back, swipe up to go to the homescreen or into the app switcher and so on. Heres a quick look at how they work. The Back gesture has a dedicated animation, the others do not.

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