Check out the new iOS 11 screenshot interface in action

One of the major improvements in iOS 11 that didnt get a mention during the keynote is the updated interface for screenshots. Considering how often we take screenshots these days, its worth taking a look at all the improvements Apple has included in the new version.

For starters, every time you take a screenshot it now goes to the bottom of your screen. It sits there for a while for to interact with it or goes away if you dont. You can also swipe it away manually. If you take multiple screenshots, they all stack there in the corner.

You can then tap on it to open up the markup interface where you can draw on it, crop it and do some other basic editing. From there you can share it, save it or delete it. If you took multiple screenshots, you can edit them all together over her.

On the iPad, you can also drag the single or stack of screenshots into another app and paste them there. You can either tap to open the other app with your other hand or just hover over an icon till it opens. Since drag and drop is only available on the iPad, this wont be possible on the iPhone, although it would be great if Apple reconsiders the whole not having drag and drop on the iPhone before launch.

What I would have liked to see is the option to take extended scrolling screenshots like on some of the Android devices. Unfortunately, that doesnt seem to be available in this beta but hopefully they will add it later.

Of course, this being a beta, things could change by the time the final version releases in September.