CEO hints at improved fast charging for the Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun posted a quick reminder to fans on Weibo the Redmi Note 7 supports QuickCharge 4 (up to 18W), the first of the line (previous models topped out at 10W). But when was asked if the Xiaomi Mi 9 will support 24W charging, he answered that the flagship must have better charging.

For what its worth, leaked specs claimed 32W fast charging (and no wireless charging) for the Mi 9. However, Juns statement can also be understood as yes, 24W (which is better than the 18W of the Redmi and of the Mi Mix 3).

Still, 32W isn’t a random number but matches QuickCharge 5, which was unveiled late last year. To keep the phone cool while charging, it will move up from the current Dual Charge (i.e. two charge controllers) to Triple, bringing the power paths from two (QC4) to three (QC5).

Interestingly, the Snapdragon 855 officially only supports QC4+. A week ago an S855-powered Xiaomi “Cepheus” passed through GeekBench and we believe that’s the Mi 9. Still, QC5 support may be hiding behind a firmware update, there aren’t many S855 phones out there.

Source (in Chinese)