Case renders confirm only the Samsung Galaxy S9+ will have a dual camera

Olixar and MobileFun have a history of leaking Samsungs designs and a track record of being right. So here are Olixars renders of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ – wearing cases, but the ultra thin, 100% clear case hardly covers up anything.

Samsung Galaxy S9 (image by Olixar)
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (image by Olixar)

Samsung Galaxy S9 Samsung Galaxy S9+ (images by Olixar)

The division between the S9 and S9+ is interesting only the Plus model gets a dual camera. Thats a departure from the S7 and S8 generations that mostly differed in the size of their screens and battery.

This confirms the rumor we heard just yesterday and suggests Samsung wants a three-tier flagship lineup rather than the simple S/Note division. What will the price difference be between Plus and non-Plus model?

Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 • Samsung Galaxy S9+

Anyway, the rest is as expected – the fingerprint is below the camera now and to the side are the single LED flash and heart rate monitor.

Olixar believes that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 duo in mid-February and start selling them on February 28.

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