Canon introduced new global shutter CMOS sensor with improved dynamic range

Canon has developed a new global shutter type CMOS sensor for its range of video cameras that promises better dynamic range.

Global shutters differ from rolling shutters by having all the pixels on the sensor capture the image at once instead of sequentially from top to bottom. Due to this moving images appear stationary and without distortion on a global shutter camera, whereas a straight vertical moving object will appear bent on a rolling shutter due to the moving between the top and bottom pixels on the sensor capturing the image. This makes global shutter sensors far superior to video applications than rolling shutter sensors.

With the new sensor, Canon has introduced a new drive system which expands the full well capacity of the sensor and a new pixel structure. This together improves the dynamic range and noise performance, respectively, of the sensor.

The new sensor is being used on the upcoming Cinema EOS C700 GS PL.