BOE demos foldable display with impressively small bend radius

Foldable displays are here and foldable panels in consumer electronics finally look right around the corner. To be perfectly frank, the wait has been excruciatingly long for anybody that boarded the original flexible “hype train” a good few years ago. But, of course, we understand that such major advancements take time to iron out. And we’re not just talking about making the tech consumer viable, even at what will likely be exuberant initial price tags.

There are plenty of technical and practical aspects to work through. Some, highly complex. While others more apparent from an end-user standpoint. Like, how much “folds” will a panel take? How will it look and behave while folded? What about while unfolded? Will it be indistinguishable from a flat panel? Also, how will a hinge design even look and feel to facilitate a fold?