Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is headed to Verizon soon

Now that it’s killed off the exploding Galaxy Note7 for good, Samsung is ramping up production for the S7 and S7 edge hoping that people will choose those models instead of its ill-fated stylus-toting phablet.

And that, apparently, means bringing one of the most popular color versions from the Note7 to the S7 edge. Yes, we’re talking about the hue called Blue Coral, which has quite a few fans out there. Now it looks like Samsung is working on Blue Coral S7 edge units, as evidenced by the leaked picture you can see to the left.

It shows an S7 edge rear shell in the blue color. This particular one is ready to head to Verizon in the US, as the carrier’s logo is plastered onto it. It’s still unclear if this means Verizon will get an exclusive on this color version or not. It could just be that this shell is going to a Verizon S7 edge, but others will make their way to other carriers and markets across the globe. The latter should really be the way to go for Samsung, especially if it wants to entice all those blue Note7 buyers to choose the S7 edge instead. Hopefully the Blue Coral S7 edge gets official soon and then we’ll know for sure.

For what it’s worth, the Vietnamese report accompanying the picture says Verizon will definitely get the Blue Coral S7 edge first, and perhaps it will then be more widely available.

Source (in Vietnamese) | Via