BlackBerry KEY2 LE is already up for pre-order in the UK and Netherlands

Mere hours have passed since BlackBerry made the KEY2 LE official but already the phone can be ordered in the UK and the Netherlands by eager early adopters.

Retailer Unlocked-Mobiles has the KEY2 LE up for pre-order at a price of 349 for a Black 32GB model with shipping estimated for September 10.

Dutch retailer Belsimpel also has a pre-order up for the KEY2 LE with a price tag of 429 and a supposed shipping in 2 weeks.

BlackBerry’s latest phone will cost $449 in the US, CAD 579 in Canada and 429 in the rest of Europe.

If you’re not up to speed with what the BlackBerry KEY2 LE is all about – here’s our hands-on.

Hat tip to James!