Bixby key remapping works again, despite Samsungs continued efforts

Samsungs story with Bixby is a long and complicated one. To make it short: Bixby was not ready in the US when Samsung launched the S8 (and still isn’t entirely ready), so developers began devising ways to repurpose the dedicated Bixby key to perform more useful actions. Since then, Samsungs efforts to prevent developers from remapping the key have failed to do so every time.

T-Mobiles latest firmware update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (released on July 8 blocked the last known remapping method and an updated one is already out. Apparently, all that needed to be done was to enable a compatibility mode for the app which would bypass the effects of Sprint and T-Mobiles latest OTA updates.

Samsung is running out of options here and developers are probably not backing down any time soon. If there is popularity for a device, developers will usually prevail with things like this. Honestly, Samsung wouldnt have to keep blocking these workarounds if it simply let users disable the key altogether.

Do you have your Bixby button remapped or do you actively use any Bixby features? Let us know in the comments.

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