Best Apps and Games of the Week


Clips is a new app from Apple for creating, editing, and sharing videos. The app lets you record a video or photo or import them from your gallery. You can adjust the length of your clips or rearrange them within a simple UI. The app also has a unique voiceover caption feature where the app can add animated titles and captions to videos in real time as you speak and the text is synced to your voice. You can also add effects and filters to your videos before sharing them.


YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a new service currently available in select US cities where you can stream live television from top broadcast and cable networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, The CW, ESPN, FX and more. The service is $35 per month with the first month free and can be used across six accounts.

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YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a new beta app released in India, which focuses on low bandwidth data consumption for places with slow internet. The app prioritizes file sizes over quality and allows you to download and stream videos offline. You can also share them with other YouTube Go users locally without using data. The app itself is only 8.5MB in size and consumes very little resources.


Transformers: Forged to Fight