Best Apps and Games of the Week

Google Wallpapers

Google released its own wallpapers app on the Play Store this week. The app comes with multiple categories such as earth, landscapes, cityscapes, life, and textures that have a whole bunch of high resolution images in them. The earth category is particularly interesting as it has satellite images from around the world. All the images have a link leading to their source. A lot of the images are actually sourced from 500px. The app also has a feature where you can set it to automatically select images from a particular category and then swap it daily.



Marsbot is a new app by Foursquare. The app keeps a track of the places you like to visit and send you suggestions based on that. It can also suggest you nearby places. The app sends you suggestions to you over SMS and you can even reply back if you want. The service is US only for now and requires a US number to register.

iOS Android


Chartistic is a charting application for iOS. It is designed with the touchscreen in mind and works out great for creating graphs and charts right on your phone or tablet.


Plants vs. Zombies Heroes