Best and worst smartphone trends of 2018


Another year has passed and a whole bunch of devices has gone through our office. We have completed more than 80 smartphone reviews in 2018 and what an exciting year in tech it was!

We saw the infamous display notch gain popularity and then shrink down to a punch hole in the screen. The under-display fingerprint sensors grew in availability and they’re finally usable. Face Unlock was gaining traction throughout the year, while the number of cameras on the back of the phones is on the rise. Fast charging has reached new and almost unbelievable highs. There were many surprises this year – good and bad – and new trends emerged that will continue to develop throughout 2019.

The Smartphone Trends Of 2018 review

The smartphone makers have had a tough year because the competition was fierce. Some companies just rose the prices, others failed to understand the market at all, then once popular brands began to face, and finally – some new ones made phones to shake the whole market.

We enjoyed reviewing those smartphones and following all new trends. We took notes of what we observed, and we decided to wrap up this 2018 year with an overview of the most interesting events.