AT&T’s Galaxy Note8 is now receiving Oreo

Yesterday we found out that the Oreo update for Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 would hit units purchased from the US at some point “in the coming weeks”. We weren’t expecting the wait to be quite so short for owners of a Note8 bought from AT&T.

But it was, as the update is already rolling out. It’s a 1.4GB download, so you’ll want to grab it over Wi-Fi. After you install it, your phone will be on Android 8.0, Samsung Experience 9.0, and Build R16NW.N950USQU3CRC2.

There are many reports of people having received it, so it seems to be quite a widespread rollout. If you haven’t yet seen the update notification, perhaps try manually checking through Settings. It just may show up for you then.

The new release comes with an updated Samsung keyboard, better notification management, app shortcuts, notification badges, an improved Edge Screen, and the Samsung Dual Messenger, among many other things.