Archive feature is now rolling out to Google Photos, lets you hide images from the main view

Although an official announcement hasn’t been published (yet), today Google has started rolling out what has to be one of the most requested features for its Photos service. It’s called Archive and once you get access to it you’ll essentially be able to hide certain images from the main view of the Photos app.

Currently this functionality has been spotted on some Android devices, but it is obviously going to arrive on iPhones and the web-based version of Photos in due course as well.

To check if you have it, slide out the drawer in your Google Photos for Android app and check to see if there’s a new Archive option just above Trash. If so, you can now archive any picture by choosing the appropriate action from its overflow menu. The first time you do this you’ll be presented with a nice tutorial telling you how the feature works.

Items that have been archived will no longer show up in the main view of Photos, but they will still be shown in the Albums they are part of, as well as inside search results.