Apple’s AirPower charging mat could launch in September

If you havent heard of the AirPower mat, youre not alone. It was first mentioned during Apples announcement event for the iPhone 8 duo and iPhone X but has not been openly discussed by the company since then.

The PowerMat would be able to wireless charge a trio of Apple devices, simultaneously by simply placing them anywhere on this mat. The perfect trio being: an iPhone, Apple Watch, and an AirPod case. A new version of the AirPod case would support wireless charging. According to some early patents, it may even be able to give some juice to your Apple Watch.

Apple shows off the AirPower charger during its September 2017 keynote

A new report from Bloomberg shines more light on Apples developments with the AirPower case. This accessory is taking longer than anticipated due to some technical obstacles such as heat management to make sure the accessory doesnt overheat and some complicated circuitry involved.

The AirPower accessory is very complicated and its circuit boards include a custom Apple chip running a minimal version of iOS to run power management for each device. There have reportedly been firmware bugs and the overlapping of the kinds of coils needed to support the iPhone and Apple Watch for wireless charging only makes it more complicated.

One of the unidentified persons say that the aim is to have the accessory ready for September release. The AirPower mat is supposedly undergoing extensive testing by using it as an everyday charger within Apples offices.

Is the AirPower charging mat something that you are looking forward to? Let us know if and where you use a wireless charger.